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SG ID™ service

We have developed a novel method called the SG Cap™ Drug Target Identification (SG ID™), which utilizes a drug or chemical embedded sol-gel microarray coupled with LC-MS/MS.  SG ID™ is a total solution service for users interested in studying a particular molecule. At the user's request, PCL can immobilize and identify a desired material (e.g. drug, chemical, protein, etc) for new drug screening and development. The SG ID™ service makes it possible to understand pharmacological mechanisms by examining the binding partners of new candidate drugs.

  1. Suitable for high throughput technology.
  2. Enables users to search for new candidate drugs (or drugs yet to be developed) for various disease by using an FDA approved compound library
  3. Provide an opportunity to rediscover the high value of low risk compounds

Provides a way to examine molecular interactions not easily done with existing research methods.
Can be used to confirm Drug-protein interactions and to screen for interaction partners

  1. Collect target material for a fixed candidate drug through affinity interaction
  2. Identify the target protein by using mass spectrometry (MS).